Kenzie Carter

Inspiring Change for ALL - While Making Change Together

My name is Kenzie Carter and I am a Democratic candidate running for the Utah State Legislature - House District 74. I was born in Provo UT in 1981 and moved to St. George in 1991. I have and will always consider the city of St. George my home.

I love being a Utah girl. It has been exciting to watch our small community grow and flourish into the bustling city it is today. I take pride that St. George has become a top vacation destination and the number 1 place to relocate and retire. I can remember when the intersection of St. George Boulevard and River Road used to have a stop sign! My, how it has changed. 

Change and growth equals progress, and progress seems to be an ever-evolving idea, depending on who you talk to. Many changes have made this city a positive place to live, work and attend school. I see an opportunity for many more changes that are needed at this time. I am excited to be a part of that change.

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